Pre-cut Stained Glass Instant Photo Frame Workshop 2.0 [SGPF4013]

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Stained Glass Instant Photo frame Workshop

This workshop is designed for family or friends who would like to share the great experience together!


All materials included.
Duration: 3 hours, depends on the individual progress 🌷

Size: 2pax (Kite shape) / 3pax or above (Hexagon shape)

You and your family/friend will have a taste of making stained glass photo frame together. Our instructor will guide you how to share the work and finishing together in class. It will be including copper foil wrapping, soldering, cleaning, color dyeing etc.

After finishing, a free instant photo service will be provided to all participants to record this joyful and warmest moment!

Class can be arranged within the hours below:

Business hours :
Mon to Sun (12:00 - 19:00)

2人式/家庭式 :在大家分工合作之下完成一個精美的鑲嵌玻璃相框,除了學習到包銅箔、鑲嵌、清潔、染色等工序外,還能給大家製造了一份真摯的回憶,還能把當下留住,無論什麼時候看到照片,都會想起當天的美好!

在製作完成的一刻,我們會為每一組參加者提供一幅即影即有照片服務,讓您們能即時看到作品成果,並作紀念 。