About Us

PAP Studio embraces color, light and craftsmanship. 

Taking inspirations from the Intoxicating arabesque and Turkish lamp aesthetics, the Studio is here to share your artisanal journey in creating original, yet contemporary design pieces. With a desire to take this enchanting artistic heritage forward, the Studio practises the traditional mosaic art techniques with a modern artisanal twist. ​

The handmade exploration takes a trip to a dream of a light-fantastic world, where chroma of colors melds with your imagination, casting an enduring spell of eclectic styles of aesthetics. While tasting the essence of mosaic art, we encourage free thinking and collaboration within the atelier, to create one-and-only composition with personal spirits.

The atelier indulges the process with exotic materials, forms, light and shadows,  putting a halt to time for everyone to enjoy the moment of creation, and refresh the state of mind.

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